• Dairy

Freshly delivered to your door for when you arrive at work

Our delivery team are notorious for being ‘early birds’ delivering milk and dairy products around the East Midlands whilst everyone else is fast asleep.

Let us provide your dairy produce and you will never be without milk for your morning coffee ever again.

Our Dairy Items

  • Cows Milk

    From a third of a pint carton, to a 24 pint pergal or just your standard litre bottles, whole, semi or skimmed we deliver daily to your door.

  • Non Dairy Milk

    Soya, organic, lactose free the list goes on… Whether you like it sweetened or unsweetened – we can supply it al!

  • Creams

    Double or single? Whichever you prefer we can provide it.

  • Cheese

    From standard cheddar to an entire cheese board, you'd be hard pressed to find a cheese we don't provide.

  • Butter

    Freshly churned and ready to spread.

  • Yoghurts

    Full fat, Fat Free & Low Fat yoghurts available in different flavours.

  • Eggs

    Fresh eggs, medium or large, always free range.


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