• Our history

We have a long established history in the East Midlands

In 2009, our small family-run business began with Rob, Hannah (Rob’s wife) and Will (Hannah’s brother) supplying milk and fruit to offices in Nottinghamshire. Our aim was to provide great quality produce with great customer service, and always be on hand to manage our customer’s requirements.

Over the years, we have steadily grown and evolved from delivering just milk and fruit to wholesale delivery of dairy, grocery and bakery items to businesses and homes across the East Midlands. We now have a wide range of customers from homes and offices to coffee shops and restaurants. More recently, due to the 2020 pandemic and subsequent lockdown of the country, we have diversified further and now also not only supply to the hospitality industry, but also to care homes.

We have learnt a lot along the way and have always held the same ethos – to stay local, to be a supplier that can be relied upon and to always strive to provide great quality, fresh produce to our customers, sourced as locally as possible. We strongly believe in providing a personal touch, which is why it has been important for us to always be on the end of a phone or e-mail. This has also meant that we can be flexible with our customers requirements.

Over the years, we have built some great relationships with local suppliers and farmers – these relationships have proved invaluable in learning our trade!

Our aim now is to continue running our business with the same original ethos, supplying great produce to great customers in the East Midlands and to build upon our brand, gaining further loyalty from our customers along the way!